Dougal's Going to be a Daddy again...!!!

We are expecting Easter Babies Woohoo !!!

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Submitted: 16.02.2010
Average Points: 7.74
Rank: 9


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Gender    Male
City    Lilydale
Country    Australia
Breed    Cavy (Guinea Pig)


Lilydale, Australia
1 Rodent

Where I met my Family

I lived with another family for the first 8 months of my life.....But they had to give me away....i didnt know where i was going to go...but then i saw this lady who looked really kind and gentle and i thought...hmmmm i want to be friends with i stood up on the side of the cage i was in and asked her to take me home.....and she said, i cant have anymore Boy' i said...ill be good, honest....then she looked at me with those kind eyes and said.....OK beautiful boy.....we can do this.....and she took me home....That was the best decision i ever made....picking her!!!

My first day with them

I couldn't believe how quickly my New friends grew to like me. By the end of day one i had wrangled my way so far into their hearts, they let me sit on the couch with them and watch TV. I like listening to Music...especially the fast moving adds...they certainly make my ears pick up.

Cool tricks I do

Well I dont like to brag but i'm pretty good at spinning around for a piece of carrot. I do tend to be a bit of a begger for my food as well....well someone has to do it!!!

Things I like

Carrots, Carrots and carrots...did i say carrots??? I also like Lots of fresh green grass. I also luv cuddles and spending time with my girls....Smile... I also dont mind a bath and hair cut to keep me looking my best and having nailed clipped can be horrid but makes me feel better after wards.

Things I don't like

I dont like being Rubbed on my lower back region....and i dont like going back to my cage to sleep....much prefer to stay out n lounge on the couch or my special day bed!!!

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