Big Blue

I am one of four Parakeets that stay with my Mom Ma and Pop Pa. My family loves my pretty blue colors, and my singing love songs. There are love songs because thats what happens when I am loved and happy. I hope all pets are loved as much as I am. That's what God wants us to do, love each other and be happy. That adds to His honor and glory and pleases Him.

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Big Blue
Submitted: 17.02.2010
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Big Blue
Submitted: 04.02.2010
Average Points: 7.94
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Big Blue
Submitted: 25.01.2010
Average Points: 8.42
Rank: 11

Big Blue
Submitted: 28.12.2009
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Big Blue
Submitted: 21.12.2009
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Big Blue
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Big Blue
Submitted: 24.11.2009
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Big Blue
Submitted: 11.11.2009
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Big Blue
Submitted: 26.10.2009
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Big Blue
Submitted: 05.10.2009
Average Points: 7.09
Rank: 48


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Big Blue

Gender    Male
Date of Birth    30.11.2008
City    Collins
Country    United States
Breed    Parakeet


Bart Graves
Male, 64
Collins, United States
11 Birds, 3 Fish

Where I met my Family

My Pop Pa and Mom Ma wanted a male Parakeet with a mate. They went to the local pet store and I was just waiting for someone like my Pop Pa and Mom Ma to take me to a loving home where other birds were staying. I had bonded with another Parakeet and did not want to leave without her, so they purchased her also. I am so happy to be with my new family and proud of my name, Big Blue.

My first day with them

My first day was kind of scary, but my new family showed me that they would love me and my mate. They purchased a nice home for us and to my surprise we were not alone but there were another coulpe of Parakeets whom would be living with us.

Cool tricks I do

I can not talk but I sing with the other Parakeets. I fly around in our aviary where there is plenty of room. When my Mom Ma tells us it's Nite Nite time I fly to my home and walk across a draw bridge into our house.

Things I like

I like playing with my toys and flying to the highest point and sitting there singing my songs of love. I like my millet spays and eating Cereal, Honey Nut Brand.

Things I don't like

I do not like for the bigger birds to try and play with me, they play to rough for me. I do not like loud noises, they scare me.

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