Lydia is a Mom Ma's girl, even though she interacts with Pop Pa, she always ends up in Mom Ma's lap being petted and groomed.

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Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 04.02.2010
Average Points: 7.74
Rank: 32

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 25.01.2010
Average Points: 8.37
Rank: 13

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 18.01.2010
Average Points: 8.32
Rank: 5

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 11.01.2010
Average Points: 7.77
Rank: 29

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 28.12.2009
Average Points: 7.46
Rank: 34

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 21.12.2009
Average Points: 8.95
Rank: 1

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 07.12.2009
Average Points: 7.64
Rank: 26

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 24.11.2009
Average Points: 6.75
Rank: 95

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 11.11.2009
Average Points: 7.59
Rank: 20

Lydia the Quaker
Submitted: 26.10.2009
Average Points: 7.53
Rank: 22


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Lydia the Quaker

Gender    Female
City    Collins
Country    United States
Breed    Quaker


Bart Graves
Male, 64
Collins, United States
11 Birds, 3 Fish

Where I met my Family

Again, I was one of the Birds that my owner Bart received from his sister, Shirley A. Martin, to help make him happy. I help all the other birds to bring joy into his life, but I am a Mom Ma's girl. Mom Ma Betty and I fell in love, we don't shut Pop Pa out, we let him play in our games too!

My first day with them

My first day I could tell that Mom ma would be my bestest friend. The other Quaker, Flossey does'nt like me because I guess I like to play to rough, but that's OK I have my Mom Ma and Pop Pa to Love me.

Cool tricks I do

I dance, sing, snap my fingers, and I am learning how to talk. As you can tell from my pics, my favorite trick is make Mom Ma scratch me, rub my feathers, love me with all her heart.

Things I like

I like Mom Ma to rub me, hold me, feed me, talk with me, I guess you get the picture, I love my Mom Ma!!! I do like Pop Pa to spritz me, it's like taking a bird shower. I like full baths but not every day.

Things I don't like

I don't like Flossey, peanuts, or strangers that visit my home. Strangers that visit our home are scarey.

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