My Dog Hint

It was a pleasant Sunday evening after the visit of some lovely friends at home .The time had come to go the evening walk with my dog "Ploutos"
"Ploutos" is a delightful and playful Shih Tzu dog just 1 years old.
(He is kind , sociable, ready to enjoy everything especially his WALK.
That evening it seemed like there was something that annoyed him, so after having two or three pees , he wanted to do his business….
He struggled a lot so as to get rid of solid waste from his body. Constipation I thought was the cause of his suffering. As I was waiting for him ,he started barking loudly almost "crying " again and again ... I did not know what to do ... Apparently he could not relieve himself. ... I was in a need of a " a dog hint".)
I took him in my arms and took care not to shake it much. I had to find a doctor but it was Sunday evening and doctors couldn’t be found, they just didn’t work on Sundays
Our grandma had not yet gone to bed, she was in the living room. She asked what happened, and I told her all about our walking.
At that moment I noticed that my earplugs was missing from the ashtray on the bedside. I remembered that I saw "Plouto "climbing the bedside and playing with them and finally swallowing my earplugs
I recounted everything to our grandma , realizing how good and useful it was to have a grandma at home, she knows many things ...and far more she knows "dog hints" She told me with a smile :"My daughter is not that serious, just give him three to four tablespoons of oil and in half an hour at most he will make the coarse along with the earplugs ..
-"Just make sure not to leave your earplugs on the bedside again.."
I faithfully followed "my dog hint" as grandmother had told me. Being forced to swallow three big tablespoons of oil , Ploutos opened widely his round eyes and got rid of that terrible waste . Half an hour later Ploutos" was calm and serene . Although he had gone through such a hardship he peacefully fell asleep in his basket.
"My dog hint" had perfectly worked and the most important thing was that it was given to me by my grandma, a woman that I love ,respect and admired so much.
On encountering a similar incident do not hesitate to follow the same steps that I followed . This will help your dog get rid of hard waste which might cause great pain and discomfort
Appreciate the presence of your grandma , honor her and never let her leave your home. However if your grandma isn’t alive or can’t stay with you, please use the advice and hints of the following Dog training system which I recently found . It can permanently put an end to all frustration and pain of training your dog
And please don’t forget that your beloved dog craves of your love and your attention

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Gender    Male
Date of Birth    22.09.2014
City    Livadeia
Country    Greece
Breed    Shih Tzu


Female, 65
Livadeia, Greece
1 Dog

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