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Create a website for yourself and your pets

Creating a website on is really easy. After the free registration and account activation, you can immediately start to create your own profile site. After that you can add websites for your pets. Show your beautiful darlings to the whole world!

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Create picture galleries and write articles

You can upload pictures of youself and your pets. To do so, you simply have to create a gallery either on your own profile site or on the sites of your pets. This is done with only two clicks! Per gallery you can upload up to 70 photos. Other Members of can comment your photos.

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Find new friends

Through its really easy to find new friends from all over the world or simply from your place. You can add other members to you friends-list which will allow them to send you messages. Get to know interesting people with the same interests you have and people that love their pets just like you do! 

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Discuss interesting topics with other pet-owners

As soon as you add other members to your friends-list, you can start sending messages through and have interesting discussions about pets or anything else. The built-in message center is very easy to use. Whenever you reveive a new message, we will send you and email to inform you about it. 

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Make your pet the "Pet of the Week"!

Per pet you can upload 1 photo per week to the "pet of the week" contest! Users from all over the globe are rating the picture you submitted. At the end of the week you will receive a score between 1 and 10. The picture with the highest score will be featured on the main page for a full week and will be seen by thousands and thousands of website visitors! 

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All for free! is 100% free and will stay 100% free! We are happy when you are happy and we are really looking forward to see your profile, your pets and all the photos. Please contact us if you have any additional questions. Simply click the link "Contact us" at the bottom of this page and send us an E-Mail.

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» Create a website for yourself and your pets
» Share photos and stories of your pets
» Find new friends from all over the world
» Discuss topics with other pet owners
» Make your pet the "pet of the week"
» All for free!

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